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Yi Liu

Tianjin, China

Graduated from the Department of Horticulture, Tianjin Agricultural College in 1999; In 2007, she received a master's degree in Chinese painting from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. She is currently studying landscape architecture at the School of Architecture.

She is a Tianjin University National Outstanding Teacher; Tianjin 38 Red Flag Bearer; Tianjin Excellent Science and Technology Commissioner; Member of Chinese Folk Artists Association; Member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild; WWPFG China Region authorized certification examiner; Director of China Pressed Flower Society; Secretary General of Tianjin Flower Art Professional Committee. Deputy Director of the Flower Art Division of the Faculty of Horticultural Therapy, China. Tianjin College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Instructor.


She has presided over and participated in the completion of several national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, mainly including "research on comprehensive technology of tuberose", "transformation of new saline-tolerant ground cover plants and their breeding technology", "demonstration of wetland plant treatment technology in rural pit ponds", etc. She is the main completer of the science popularization activity "Horticultural Therapy to Promote the Physical and Mental Health of Community Residents and Students". Obtained two national invention patents.

She has published more than 20 scientific papers. Won the second prize of Tianjin Teaching Achievement. She lectures on "Pressed Flower Art" and "Floral Art". She is the main participant of the excellent course "Floral Art" of Tianjin Agricultural College. Host of the MOOC project of "Floral Art", chief editor of "Home Cleaning and Beautification", "13th Five-Year Plan Textbook" "Overview of Traditional Chinese Flower Arrangement Art", deputy editor of "Family Simple Flower Arrangement DIY", "Family Simple Pressed Flower DIY", "Family Simple Bonsai DIY" series of books. Participated in the compilation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan Textbook" "Floral Art".

She has won numerous local, national and international awards in pressed flower art and floral art. She has also directed her students winning multiple local, national and international awards.

Yi Liu
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