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Xianghuan Liu

Harbin, China

Liu Xianghuan is one of the chief examiners of the WWPFG teacher certification program in China region. She is also a member of the Chinese Pressed Flower Society, and a senior technical staff of the pressed flower laboratory of the Northeast Forestry University. She has been engaged in the teaching, scientific research, design and production of pressed flower art for more than 30 years. After painstaking research

and practice, "The Production Technology of pressed flower Color Card Inlay" and "The Production Process of Wall Mounted pressed flower

art" have obtained national invention patent authorization, and 6 items such as "Crystal pressed flower Painting" and "pressed flower Screen" have obtained national practical patents.

Xianghuan has participated in many international and domestic pressed flower competitions, participated in the WWPFG conferences and pressed flower art competition. Her work "Home" won the second prize in WWPFG competition. Xianghuan was invited to give lectures in WWPFG conferences. She has participated in the International Pressed flower art Competition held in Korea many times, and her works such

as "Birch Forest in Autumn", "Plum blossom, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum" and "Noon Sun" have won the 1st place awards. Participated

in the competition sponsored by the Chinese Pressed Flower Society, and the work of the flower screen "Jin Futu. Prosperous Land" won the gold medal, participated in the 9th China Flower Expo pressed flower competition, the work "Birch Forest Sunset" won the gold award, "Xinyuan", "Ancient Tree People", "Chinese Dream - Wealth and Peace" and "Prayer" won the silver award. Xianghuan has guided students

to participate in various pressed flower art competitions, won many awards, and won excellent instructors.

Xianghuan Liu
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