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Sarah Samsel

Clarksville, GA

About the Instrucor: Sarah Samsel

Working with pressed flowers allows Sarah to enjoy a combination of two of her favorite things—creation and creating. Sarah’s mom showed her how to press flowers in a phonebook in 2005, when Sarah was 10 years old, and Sarah’s been pressing ever since. From the beginning Sarah enjoyed taking apart flowers and turning them into people, waterfalls, fish, etc. Sarah’s neighbor, the late Darlene Millard Spratlin, was an accomplished pressed-flower artist who opened a whole new world for Sarah when she introduced her to the WWPFG in 2007. Sarah is so grateful for all of the friends she’s made and the many things she’s learned through the guild.

Awards for Sarah’s pressed-flower art include Outstanding Young artist from the 2007 guild conference, 3rd place in the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show, 3rd place in one of the WWPFG Christmas card contests and 1st place in several local art competitions. To learn more about Sarah and her work visit:

Sarah Samsel
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