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Li Wang

Beijing, China

From a young age, Li Wang studied with the famous Chinese painters Shi Junzhen and Liu Jiying on traditional Chinese flowers and birds. In recent years, she has studied and researched pressed flower art and combined it with traditional Chinese painting for a unique pressed flower art.


Li graduated from Beijing Art and Craft University with a degree in fine art in 1986 and worked as a designer for Beijing Art and Craft Company. From 1987 to 2004 she lived in Japan teaching Chinese painting. During this time, she studied pressed flower art in Japan’s Wonderful Oshibana club.

• Sayuma City International Association Director

• Sayuma City Art Club member

• Sayuma City Life Style teacher

• City Hall Chinese painting teacher


Currently she is living in Beijing where she has created Beijing Qili Pressed Flower Art Research Association and a Pressed Flower Art Class. She also teaches at Beijing Western Elderly College teacher.

Li Wang
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