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Jacki Harrington


My name is Jacki Harrington and I am a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. I taught foreign languages for 35 years and retired from full time teaching June 2008.

My first attempts at pressing flowers were a result of adding some artwork to calligraphy pieces for a client. This, combined with my sadness at the end of the gardening season, prompted me to do more and more pressing. Soon after, I found the WWPFG on line and have been learning and improving every year. I have found both the daily interactions and the monthly classes immensely helpful. How wonderful to be able to ask a question and receive multiple responses within days! The classes are taught so well and have stretched my imagination and my skills.

Several years ago, I started entering competitions at the Guild conferences, at the Philadelphia Flower show, and in Korea, and have won some awards. I have found competitions to be extremely challenging for me, but I have learned so much by entering.

Presently, I sell my work in several stores. The response has been terrific! People are amazed at what flowers can do.

I have been a professional calligrapher for about 20 years. I often combine calligraphy and pressed flowers in seating boards for brides. I have played with making my own paper and with marbling paper, which I use in my pressed flower work.

I hope to continue helping the Guild achieve its goals, to continue to grow in this art form, and to expand the visibility and appreciation of pressed flower art in our world.

Jacki Harrington
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