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Inaretha Lategan

Hoekwil, South Africa

My name is Inaretha Lategan and I live with my husband on a small farm next to a

village called Hoekwil, in South Africa. We have three grown children and five

grandchildren and on our farm we have a succulent nursery, Spekbos Succulent

Farm and Joyful Craft Studio. Our farm is nestled in a valley with exquisite flora

and the wildlife moves through our property at will. We have an amazing amount of beautiful different birds that are in the garden and we just love all our birds. The combination of birds and flowers is a perfect subject for art using pressed plant material.


Having always been passionate about arts and crafts, I spent many years using various

mediums but working with pressed plant material has been part of my life for the past

30 years. The joy of pressing plant material and having a medium from Nature’s own

Bounty to decorate or create with is wonderful.


I have taught for many years at my studio and at classes organized by magazines and

I am still spellbound with the beauty of nature and what we can do with it. The joy of

a student creating a beautiful product with pressed flowers is a delight.


I discovered the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild on the Internet in 2012 and have

enjoyed being part of a group that shares the same passion as I have and have learned so much from the classes on offer from teachers located in different countries.

Inaretha Lategan
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