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Fong Hsi Kao

Taichung, Taiwan

Fong Hsi Kao From Taichung, Taiwan, graduated from Chinese Culture University as an Art major.

1981: Created a new applied art form using pressed flowers as base material

1984: Founded Fong Hsi pressed flower classroom

1988: Published Fong Hsi pressed flower art book 1


1991: Published Fong Hsi pressed flower art book 2

1997: Published Fong Hsi pressed flower art book 3

1999: Served as art director of International Pressed Flower Association Taiwan division

2002 Philadelphia International Flowers Show class 145 2nd place

2011 and 2017 Philadelphia International Flowers Show best in show awards.

2011 UK Pressed Flower Association Spring Conference Oversea competition 2nd Place

Early pressed flower art is closely related to botanical specimen, a two-dimensional presentation without much depth. Recent development of pressed flower art has progressed from this limitation. Now, vivid art work with depth is created by observing and applying nature colors, both bright and shade with different sizes of pressed materials. This is a breakthrough from conventional pressed flower art.

Fong Hsi Kao
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