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Antonia Bojanina


About the Instructor:

I was born in Bulgaria and graduated with a Master Degree in Accounting and

Finance from the Economic Academy “D.A. Cenov”.

Like most women, I loved flowers but my inspiration started when I had triplets. As my babies were growing, they loved the frequent visits to the botanical gardens in the neighborhood and the city. When they were 5 years of age, we started together to making Hypertufa pottery, designing them with alpine specimens. They were a non-ending source of ideas and inspiration. Later, our Hypertufa Miniature Alpine Gardens were appreciated at the local Art Festivals. Many of our customers were also children that were drawn to the flowers.

In 2009, a dear friend from Bulgaria introduced and inspired me to a new side of

flowers called “Pressed Flowers Art”. I started as a hobby, with a primary emphasis on making cards as an addition to the Alpine Miniature Gardens. As I got more and more interested, I learned many new techniques and designs from books in the Library, non ending experiments and online exhibits. Discovering and joining the World Wide

Pressed Flower Guild provided additional inspiration and support from other worldwide

pressed flowers artists.

My goal is to popularize pressed flowers as a form of art by creating and exhibiting

pressed flower artwork. Working in the Pressed Flower Art, I look at the world of flowers with new eyes. I realize what a blessing it is to work with the most beautiful side of nature which I try to popularize on my Facebook page “Floriana Sintica Pressed Flowers Art”.

Antonia Bojanina
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