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Instructor: Inaretha Lategan

A delightful use of pressed plant material is for creating Animated Cartoons. We have a wonderful unlimited supply of shapes and colors in Pressed Plant Material and can create cute, humorous cameos. These are an endless source of pleasure for the artist as well as the viewer. The word “Collage “ means the state of being glued on. When we are creating pictures we are using pressed plant material in the original shape and we cut and trim to our needs.
The best results are obtained when cutting is kept to a minimum. The natural edge of a petal or leaf has perfect shading and should be retained if possible. That is why we use the best plant material that lends itself to the design being created. Any piece of plant material can be cut and pasted, but the right specimen for the right little “animal” presents a more professional product. Such as the Flower of the Canary Bush (Crotalaria agatiflora) is a perfect little bird- no cutting needed!
There are many Collage characters that can be created and we will discuss 11 in this class.
The cameo pictures created can be used for many products such as occasional cards, bookmarks, covers for special scrapbooks or pictures for framing. We will discuss cards and pictures for framing.

Creating Animal Collages

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