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Instructor: Jacki Harrington

What is it about birch trees that fascinate us so much? Perhaps it is their tall and thin silhouette. Perhaps it is their graphic black and white coloring. As much as we want that perfectly white bark, it is really not always perfectly white! When you peel the bark, you will probably find it difficult to get a piece that is more than 4” tall. That’s okay, as we will learn how to splice pieces together to make a tall tree. I have chosen two very easy to make backgrounds so most of your time can be spent on mastering the trees. I always recommend looking at many images of birch trees before starting. Notice how birch trees often grow in clumps. Also, notice how their trunks are not perfectly straight, they often have bends in them and they do not taper very much from base to top. Their branches and stems are very, very thin.

Birch Trees in Autumn

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