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Executive Committee


Marcus Ching



• Maintain bank account, PayPal account, and e-commerce accounts; track payments, balance books; record the income and expenses of the Guild in all accounts by category, by type of payment
• Pay the obligations of the Guild which consist (but not limited) of:
1. Exec comm workers and instructor payments
2. Web hosting payments
3. Web domain payments
4. Reimbursement of allowable expenses
5. Postage, office supplies, accounting software
6. Payments for items of mutual interest to the Guild, such as competition
7. ribbons, class certificates, membership certificates, etc.
• Advancements of payments for conference fees, which after the Conference will be reimbursed to the Guild
• Serve to indemnify conference payments in the case that income from Conferences do not fully cover costs. This will be minimized through oversight and careful planning and shall be applied only to unpredictable cost overruns.
• accept income to the Guild in both the bank and PayPal accounts
• provide a semi-annual report to the Guild during meetings
• Generate annual financial statements (profit/lost statement, balance sheet)
• File guild’s corporation income tax (fed and NC).

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