Beginners' Tips

If you are new to flower pressing, there are a few basic tips that can help tremendously as you are getting started.

  • Always press flowers when they are newly opened. Older flowers will look tired when they are pressed. Some thicker flowers that have blooms that last for several days, such as daisies, get thicker each day. So pick when they first open to get a flatter flower.
  • Gather small amounts of flowers at a time, and get them into your books or presses promptly.
  • Gather around mid-morning, when the dew has evaporated completely, and flowers have not yet begun to wilt in the mid-day sun.
  • In the beginning, concentrate on flatter flowers which press more easily. Most thicker flowers require advanced pressing techniques.
  • Flowers are affected by many conditions that are beyond our control, so sometimes a flower that presses well one year, will not press well the following year. Remember that some flowers simply do not press well, and some do not hold their color.

For more information, check Presses for Beginners and Pressed Flower Tips.

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