About the WWPFG Logo

Susan StevensonThe WWPFG logo is a reflection of our guild's goals and visions in the art of pressed flowers. The globe in the logo design with the circle of flowers around it symbolizes the concept of the guild embracing international friendship and sharing knowledge and ideas with pressed flower artists and enthusiasts around the world.

Creator of the WWPFG Logo

Susan StevensonOur special appreciation goes to Susan Stevenson who designed the guild logo. She has interpreted the purpose and meaning of our guild as a beautiful symbol which we are most proud of. And we hope it will be a symbol that will bring many people together with the common interest and love of the art of pressed flowers.

Special Appreciation

We also wish to acknowledge and thank many of our members who submitted logo designs. They were all beautifully designed and very creative. The winning design was voted in by our guild members.

WWPFG Member Artwork
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