Executive Committee

Kate Chu
Duties The President will lead the Guild through the nonprofit incorporation process, requiring strong business orientation for daily management of the Guild.

  • Develops and implements new programs to benefit members, including those to create revenue
  • Serves as leader in making decisions and providing direction to the Executive Committee
  • Communicates with members when they have questions or problems, and lends assistance with requests
  • Writes reports for Newsletter and General Meeting Reports.
  • Creates groups for special requirements and delegates authority to other Executive Committee members to carry out desired work and objectives
  • Works with Art Director on group classes, and moderates, when necessary.
  • Participates in discussion in Executive Committee, providing leadership as necessary
  • Creates polls for the purpose of obtaining votes
  • Collects reports from all Executive Committee members for general meetings, and sets up files on Yahoo Guild group.
  • Leads meetings of the general Guild
  • Act as VP when position is open

Other duties, as necessary.

Barbara Hallman
Duties The Vice President, together with the President will lead the Guild through the nonprofit incorporation process, requiring strong business orientation for daily management of the Guild.

  • Works with the President and Executive Committee to develop new ideas for programs and development of the Guild.
  • Acts as President in that person's absence
  • Writes reports for the bi-annual General Meetings
  • Manages the WWPFG Yahoo group including moderating
  • Manages the Topics of the Week for discussion on the Yahoo group
  • Participates in discussion and decision making in Executive Committee

Other duties, as necessary

July(Xiaojuan) Xi

  • Checking the Yahoo group messages for new membership applications
  • Entering the details of new members in the membership database when the payment comes in through the Guild's Treasurer
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the database by entering all the changes in the members' contact information
  • Emailing Guild Membership Certificates to the new members
  • Correlating the renewal payments that come in through the Treasurer with the database during the renewal period at the end of the year
  • Updating the database with the new renewal information and removing the non-paying members
  • Removing the non-paying members from the Guild's Yahoo group Members list during the renewal period
  • Maintaining the Guild's Yahoo Group Members section
  • Working closely with the Treasurer and New Members Director to ensure that all the Profiles are properly filled out and all the Guild's Yahoo group members have a Yahoo ID
  • Contacting "email bouncing" members
  • Provide new Guild Members names to Newsletter Editor for newsletter
  • Sending announcements before and during the General Meetings, as well as the general messages pertaining to the Membership Renewal
  • Archiving the reports and the Meetings messages after the closing of the Meetings
  • Participating in the Executive Committee's votes and discussions
  • Producing Membership reports for all the General Meetings

Marcus Ching

  • Maintain bank account and PayPal accounts; track payments, balance books
  • Pay the obligations of the Guild which consist of:
    1. Webmaster and instructor payments
    2. Web hosting payments
    3. Web domain payments
    4. Reimbursement of allowable expenses
    5. Postage, handling, envelopes, office supplies
    6. Payments for items of mutual interest to the Guild, such as competition
    7. ribbons, class certificates, membership certificates, etc.
  • Advancements of payments for conference fees, which after the Conference will be reimbursed to the Guild
  • Serve to indemnify conference payments in the case that income from Conferences do not fully cover costs. This will be minimized through oversight and careful planning and shall be applied only to unpredictable cost overruns.
  • accept income to the Guild in both the bank and PayPal accounts
  • record the income and expenses of the Guild in both the bank and PayPal accounts by category, by type of payment
  • provide a semi-annual report to the Guild during meetings
  • provide budget and accounting information for purposes of income tax reporting and nonprofit tax exempt status
  • acknowledge receipt of and fill CD orders
  • acknowledge receipt of payment and notify Art Director when class payments are made, providing student
  • registration information if possible for ease of Artistic Director's access
  • Acknowledge receipt of membership payments and notify Secretary, President, New Member director of memberships

Nancy Mayer

  • Scouting for qualified teachers and desirable subjects
  • Discussing fees, lesson tutorials with teachers
  • Scheduling the month for teaching the class
  • Opening an album in Yahoo for teachers to display the samples of the class
  • On the 15th of the month prior to the class, post an announcement (including special notice)
  • Post a second notice 1 week later
  • Receive the names and emails of students, wanting to participate in the class
  • List all students on a roster and mark them as paid, when the acknowledgement of payment, from the treasurer is received
  • Put the permission slip in the files of the class
  • Create an album for the teacher and the students to post their finished art work
  • At the beginning of the class, invite all paid students to the class, at the class site
  • Contact the students that showed interest, but did not pay yet
  • Help with difficulties entering the class room or posting the permission slip
  • Check on the progress in the class and answer questions that might arise, pertaining to posting or uploading pictures
  • At the end of the month, post a thank-you message and remove the students
  • Check the permission slips and remove the students pictures, that have not given permission for the CD
  • Transfer all the pictures from the class room to the Yahoo Guild site and post an announcement to view the class art work
  • Send a "Certificate of Completion" to the students that participated in the class, by posting their finished art work
  • Upload the class roster with all info to the Executive Committee

Rina Lai

  • contact various member to search for information as well as for help with articles
  • collect information and research topics
  • participate in executive committee discussions

Other duties, as necessary

Betty Green

  • welcome and provide information to new members; a letter of introduction with passwords, etc.
  • invite new members to join the Yahoo group
  • following up on invitations that are issued but not accepted, and re-invite as necessary to get all members onto the Yahoo group
  • notify President and PR Director of new member
  • work with secretary and treasurer to identify non-renewing members so that the secretary can remove non-renewals from the Yahoo Group and from the Guild enrollment records
  • encourage members to fill in Yahoo profiles for Guild administrative purposes
  • manage the big sister program.
  • provide a semi-annual report to the Guild during meetings
  • help with moderating WWPFG Yahoo group. Troubleshoot Yahoo and membership issues; refer problems to Ex Com for further follow up and follow through if needed
  • participates in discussion and decision making in Executive Committee to develop new ideas for programs and development of the Guild

Deb Gringas

  • Media Relations: Relating with communications media (and encouraging members to do the same concerning their hobby/business) in seeking publicity or responding to their interest in our art form or our organization
  • Publicity: Disseminating planned messages through selected media without payment to further the Guild's interest
  • Community Relations: Encouraging members to find ways to educate their communities in pressed flower art/crafts
  • Member Relations: Responding to concerns and informing and motivating members. Relating any concerns to the Executive Committee for action
  • Assist New Member Director with welcoming new members as "Greeter" and assigning a "Big Sister"
  • Membership Recruitment: Search out and contact potential members for the Guild (current goal is one contact per day)
  • Brochure: Update as needed. Find ways to get these out to the public (i.e. encourage members to print them off and disperse them to their friends/customers)
  • Report Submission: Compile and publish reports to members at the member meetings:
    1. all formal contacts made with various media and results
    2. number of new members for the year
    3. number of contacts made with prospective members and results
    4. number of brochures dispersed for the year

Lisa Pasto-Crosby

  • communicates Executive Committee's ideas in technical terms to the webmaster
  • receives requests and writes up the requirements for web development
  • prioritizes work and give the jobs for the Webmaster
  • verifies that work is done in accordance with the requirements
  • participate in discussion in Executive Committee
  • routinely spot checks to assure quality control on website

Other duties, as necessary

WWPFG Member Artwork
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