Board Members

Barbara Hallman
Duties The Chair is the Director of the Board and shall chair the Annual Meeting and meetings of the Board as well as the semi-annual spring and fall meetings of the general WWPFG membership and shall:

  1. appoint chairpersons of all Board committees and serve as liaison between Board, its committees and staff;
  2. maintain liaison with foundations and other potential funding sources;
  3. facilitate and coordinate the Board’s discharge of responsibilities;
  4. such other responsibilities as determined by the Board or bylaws

Kate Chu
Duties The Vice-Chair shall have powers and perform such duties as are prescribed by the Board including sitting in stead for the Chair in his or her absence. Other duties as assigned.

Rebekah Smith

Duties The Past-President is an ex oficio role, and advises the Board as needed.

Ruth Song
Duties The Financial Advisor shall oversee the custody of all funds and assets of the WWPFG, and make account of receipts and disbursements, prepare or oversee a statement of assets and liabilities within a reasonable time after the close of a fiscal year, and in conjunction with the President, make financial information available to the Board, the members of the WWPFG and the public. Other duties as assigned.

Liming Twanmoh
Duties The Secretary shall do or oversee the following: minutes, records of votes and resolutions, recording of corporate documents including bylaws and Articles of Incorporation; meeting notices, meeting minutes, and filing of reports. Other duties as assigned.

Nancy Mayer
Duties The Art Director shall develop and administer a program of artistic development for members of the WWPFG and the public. Other duties as assigned.

Ulrike Vanover
Duties Act as a liaison between the general membership and the Board of Directors.

WWPFG Member Artwork
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